i don’t wanna be famous for the fame
i wanna be famous so i can meet other famous people

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There is way too much on my mind and my plate..

I miss you every day, I miss your smile and yours hugs.. But then I have days when I cry because I’m hurt. And I have never felt so lost about my feelings.. Life is just so frustrating and I wish there was someone who could just give me the answers I need.. But nobody will ever have answers for my life except me. I just need time to sort out all the chaos. I wish I knew how I felt or what I wanted to do but I still don’t which is why I need time.

It’s hard to love someone who made so many promises to always love you and never leave you, and to have that same person question being with me three different times. I don’t want you to feel bad but please understand that it’s hard for me to believe in this still.. I want to, badly


is pushing people away considered a special talent because i think i’m really good at it 

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